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py3status v1.1

I'm glad to announce the v1.1 release of py3status, roughly 6 months after v1.0 which features some nice and often contributed bug fixes and some exciting new features !

fixes / enhancements

  • allow float on refresh interval option
  • fix respect user's locale for time transformation
  • fix i3status time adjustment when format does not contain the necessary items to get an exact datetime
  • fix delay on py3status start waiting for i3status, this caused a useless first refresh delay of py3status of i3status interval seconds
  • fix first click event opening line detection
  • redirect stdout and stderr to null to suppress modules outputs, this prevents i3bar from frezzing when a user module prints something to stdout or stderr, more info


Thanks to py3status, you can now take action on clicks made on your i3status modules !

new modules

  • new generic click event handler using the special module file named which will be forwarded any orphan click event for action
  • new example module displaying Yahoo Weather forcast
  • new example whoami displaying the currently logged in user, inspired by user request on i3 FAQ


Thanks a lot for their issues ranging from #15 to #20 with feedback, proposals and pull requests !

  • @alethiophile
  • @Edholm
  • @ifschleife
  • @lathan
  • @patrickshan
  • @ShadowPrince


Feel free to join the #py3status IRC channel on FreeNode to get help or share your ideas !