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py3status v3.28 - goodbye py2.6-3.4

The newest version of py3status starts to enforce the deprecation of Python 2.6 to 3.4 (included) initiated by Thiago Kenji Okada more than a year ago and orchestrated by Hugo van Kemenade via #1904 and #1896.

Thanks to Hugo, I discovered a nice tool by @asottile to update your Python code base to recent syntax sugars called pyupgrade!

Debian buster users might be interested in the installation war story that @TRS-80 kindly described and the final (and documented) solution found.

Changelog since v3.26

  • drop support for EOL Python 2.6-3.4 (#1896), by Hugo van Kemenade
  • i3status: support read_file module (#1909), by @lasers thx to @dohseven
  • clock module: add "locale" config parameter to change time representation (#1910), by inemajo
  • docs: update debian instructions fix #1916
  • mpd_status module: use currentsong command if possible (#1924), by girst
  • networkmanager module: allow using the currently active AP in formats (#1921), by Benoît Dardenne
  • volume_status module: change amixer flag ordering fix #1914 (#1920)

Thank you contributors

  • Thiago Kenji Okada
  • Hugo van Kemenade
  • Benoît Dardenne
  • @dohseven
  • @inemajo
  • @girst
  • @lasers