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uWSGI : v1.4.1 LTS released

Ok that's a neat uwsgi release here and stamped for Long Time Support by unbit. I've tested it before bumping it to portage and it's behaving nicely with my gevent apps as there have been some nice improvements on this part as well. Quite a bunch of code have been refactored and optimized for enhanced performances. Have a look at the highlights, they're to be read with care.

highlights :

  • Support for the Go language
  • Enhanced gevent reloading and handling (truly non-blocking wsgi.input, truly non-blocking writes...)
  • Improved http/https router and fastrouter (better event-based engineering, reduced syscall usage)
  • Improved systemd support
  • Log filtering and routing
  • Smart attach daemon to start a daemon along with your app
  • A big work is being done about the documentation

Yep that's some heavy stuff, there is more so you should definitely read the different changelogs on the mailing list !