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py3status v2.4

I'm very pleased to announce this new release of py3status because it is by far the most contributed one with a total of 33 files changed, 1625 insertions and 509 deletions !

I'll start by thanking this release's contributors with a special mention for Federico Ceratto for his precious insights, his CLI idea and implementation and other modules contributions.

Thank you

  • Federico Ceratto
  • @rixx (and her amazing reactivity)
  • J.M. Dana
  • @Gamonics
  • @guilbep
  • @lujeni
  • @obb
  • @shankargopal
  • @thomas-


In order to keep a clean and efficient code base, this is the last version of py3status supporting the legacy modules loading and ordering, this behavior will be dropped on the next 2.5 version !

CLI commands

py3status now supports some CLI commands which allows you to get information about all the available modules and their documentation.

  • list all available modules

if you specify your own inclusion folder(s) with the -i parameter, your modules will be listed too !

$ py3status modules list Available modules: battery_level Display the battery level. bitcoin_price Display bitcoin prices using bluetooth Display bluetooth status. clementine Display the current "artist - title" playing in Clementine. dpms Activate or deactivate DPMS and screen blanking. glpi Display the total number of open tickets from GLPI. imap Display the unread messages count from your IMAP account. keyboard_layout Display the current keyboard layout. mpd_status Display information from mpd. net_rate Display the current network transfer rate. netdata Display network speed and bandwidth usage. ns_checker Display DNS resolution success on a configured domain. online_status Display if a connection to the internet is established. pingdom Display the latest response time of the configured Pingdom checks. player_control Control music/video players. pomodoro Display and control a Pomodoro countdown. scratchpad_counter Display the amount of windows in your i3 scratchpad. spaceapi Display if your favorite hackerspace is open or not. spotify Display information about the current song playing on Spotify. sysdata Display system RAM and CPU utilization. vnstat Display vnstat statistics. weather_yahoo Display Yahoo! Weather forecast as icons. whoami Display the currently logged in user. window_title Display the current window title. xrandr Control your screen(s) layout easily.

  • get available modules details and configuration

$ py3status modules details Available modules: battery_level Display the battery level.

                     Configuration parameters:
                         - color_\* : None means - get it from i3status config
                         - format : text with "text" mode. percentage with % replaces {}
                         - hide_when_full : hide any information when battery is fully charged
                         - mode : for primitive-one-char bar, or "text" for text percentage output

                         - the 'acpi' command line

                     @author shadowprince, AdamBSteele
                     @license Eclipse Public License


Modules changelog

  • new bluetooth module by J.M. Dana
  • new online_status module by @obb
  • new player_control module, by Federico Ceratto
  • new spotify module, by Pierre Guilbert
  • new xrandr module to handle your screens layout from your bar
  • dpms module activate/deactivate the screensaver as well
  • imap module various configuration and optimizations
  • pomodoro module can use DBUS notify, play sounds and be paused
  • spaceapi module bugfix for space APIs without 'lastchange' field
  • keyboard_layout module incorrect parsing of "setxkbmap -query"
  • battery_level module better python3 compatibility

Other highlights

Full changelog here.

  • catch daylight savings time change
  • ensure modules methods are always iterated alphabetically
  • refactor default config file detection
  • rename and move the empty_class example module to the doc/ folder
  • remove obsolete i3bar_click_events module
  • py3status will soon be available on debian thx to Federico Ceratto !