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Caddx Vista

Setup MSP for DJI FPV Vista / Air Unit

Take away:

  • When MSP is working, you get the quad voltage instead of N/A and the low power mode message when you plugin, then as soon as you arm the quad the unlocked message and frame rate message appear
  • Temperature protection set to Off will make the unit output its full power as soon as you plug in the quad (requested to get the video out via USB)
  • Vista and Air Unit have protections against over heating, they will not allow themselves to be damaged because they over heat

Joshua Bardwell made a good video about DJI FPV short range because of MSP misconfiguration.

How to tell if a Vista or Air Unit is damaged

  • Take a multimeter
  • Check the continuity between Ground and TX, then RX : there should be none
  • Check the resistance between Ground and TX, then RX : it should be mega ohms worth

How to switch to FCC 700mW output

How to switch to 1200mW output

SBUS Baud Fast low latency performance with DJI FPV

  • On the DJI FPV goggles go to Settings > Device > Protocol and make sure to select Sbus Baud Fast
  • On Betaflight CLI, type set sbus_baud_fast=ON