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uWSGI : v1.2.6 and v1.3 released

The v1.2.6 is a maintenance release with some interesting backports while the v1.3 series start with a couple of new interesting features and plugins such as a mongodb logger. On my async python usage side, I'm glad to see this new version coming for its enhanced --lazy-apps option and gevent grace reloading.

v1.2.6 highlights :

  • fixed idle mode on busy workers
  • backported subscription round robin weight handling from 1.3

See the complete changelog.

v1.3 highlights :

  • New plugin : router_http (compiled-in by default)
  • New feature : --if-env (and --if-opt) can compare values
  • http/https non-blocking writes
  • Busyness cheaper algorithm by Łukasz Mierzwa
  • MongoDB integration for logging