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py3status v1.2

I'm glad to announce a new release of py3status with an exciting main new feature giving the ability to modify any of i3status' module output from any of your modules !



  • new module allowing activation and deactivation of DPMS thx to André Doser
  • order i3status output updates to prevent it from overwriting any modification made on i3status json list by a user module, this avoids a possible user filter flapping on i3status modules
  • fix delay on first execution of each module which could be equal to py3status interval time before being executed : your modules get executed and displayed immediately no matter py3status' interval
  • the real i3status thread output json list is passed to all modules as the i3status_output_json parameter, this allows any user module to change any of the i3status output by simply altering the given json on the list, inspired thx to @drestebon on issue #23
  • add validation for the position parameter
  • add cpu usage info to sysdata script, by Patrick Shan


Many thanks to all contributors for their work and inspiration.

  • Patrick Shan, @patrickshan
  • @drestebon
  • André Doser, @tasse