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mongoDB : ebuilds cleanup and v2.2.1 released

Another bug killing spree has happened :) I'm glad to have closed quite a bunch of bugs related to mongoDB today.

No more spidermonkey-1.7 dependency

Thanks to the help from Ian Stakenvicius, we managed to drop the spidermonkey-1.7 dependency and use the embedded version shipped in the sources. I extended this fix to all 2.0.x and 2.2.x ebuilds, the only package remaining is the one for v1.8.5 but it will be dropped soon.

Newer boost compatibility

Boost-1.50 introduced a new filesystem v3 version while breaking compatibility with older v2 filesystems. This broke mongoDB compilation for the guys running unstable version of boost. As I didn't want to force stable users to keyword their boost versions, I kept a version of each 2.x series compatible with v2 <boost-1.50 filesystem.

  • <dev-libs/boost-1.50 users should use the ebuilds revisions 1 (-r1)
  • >=dev-libs/boost-1.50 users should use the ebuilds revisions 2 (-r2)

v2.2.1 version bump

Last but not least, the new v2.2.1 is also available but only for >=boost-1.50 users. This is a nice bugfix release which you should consider to apply since it's the first of the 2.2 series.

See the full changelog.