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rsyslog v7.4.7

I've been slacking on this package for some months but slowly got the chance to catch-up with the multiple bugs open. So today I'm glad to say to make this blog post not only for a version bump release but also for some nice added features and ebuild improvements fixing 6 bugs in a row.


  • added support for the mongoDB output template module thanks to Vadim Kuznetsov
  • added support for sub-slot operators for json-c and libgcrypt dependencies using EAPI5 thanks to Thomas D.
  • libgcrypt is now a required dependency of rsyslog as I didn't want to add another USE flag for such a widely spread dependency
  • I've also bumped net-libs/czmq with approval of @jlec which fixes dependencies when trying to build rsyslog with zeromq support, thanks to Allen Parker for his report and valuable debugging

rsyslog v7.4.7

This is a bugfix release, see the full changelog here.