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rabbitMQ : v3.0.4 released

Within a week, rabbitMQ got bumped twice. I'm happy to quickly post about those recent bumps so here is a highlight of 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 changelogs.


  • fix connection failure to start reading again in rare circumstances when coming out of flow control
  • ensure invocation of "rabbitmqctl stop_app" during server startup on a fresh node does not leave a corrupted Mnesia schema
  • ensure messages expire immediately when reaching the head of a queue after basic.get
  • ensure parameters and policies for a vhost are removed with that vhost
  • do not log spurious errors for connections that close very early
  • ensure "rabbitmqctl forget_cluster_node" removes durable queue records for unmirrored queues on the forgotten node
  • clean up connection and channel records from nodes that have crashed
  • do not show 404 errors when rabbitmq_federation_management is installed and rabbitmq_federation is not
  • ensure the reader process hibernates when idle
  • prevent x-received-from header from leaking upstream credentials