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Clustering : resource-agents v3.9.5 & crmsh v1.2.5

Quick post about two bumps I made yesterday. The important one is sys-cluster/resource-agents-3.9.5 because the previous release contained a regression on the IPaddr2 resource. IPaddr2 didn't send unsolicited ARPs on start, depending on the ARP cache timeout time of the hosts on your topology, this could cause some serious delay when a failover takes place ! Also note the nice additions on crmsh which will make our lives easier.


  • fix IPaddr2 ARP regression
  • pgsql: support starting as Hot Standby
  • support for RA tracing


  • cibconfig: modgroup command
  • cibconfig: directed graph support
  • history: diff command (between PE inputs)
  • history: show command (show configuration of PE inputs)
  • history: graph command