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py3status v3.29

Almost 5 months after the latest release (thank you COVID) I'm pleased and relieved to have finally packaged and pushed py3status v3.29 to PyPi and Gentoo portage!

This release comes with a lot of interesting contributions from quite a bunch of first-time contributors so I thought that I'd thank them first for a change!

Thank you contributors!

  • Jacotsu
  • lasers
  • Marc Poulhiès
  • Markus Sommer
  • raphaunix
  • Ricardo Pérez
  • vmoyankov
  • Wilmer van der Gaast
  • Yaroslav Dronskii

So what's new in v3.29?

Two new exciting modules are in!

  • prometheus module: to display your promQL queries on your bar
  • watson module: for the watson time-tracking tool

Then some interesting bug fixes and enhancements are to be noted

  • py3.requests: return empty json on remote server problem fix #1401
  • core modules: remove deprecated function, fix type annotation support (#1942)

Some modules also got improved

  • battery_level module: add power consumption placeholder (#1939) + support more battery paths detection (#1946)
  • do_not_disturb module: change pause default from False to True
  • mpris module: implement broken chromium mpris interface workaround (#1943)
  • sysdata module: add {mem,swap}_free, {mem,swap}_free_unit, {mem,swap}_free_percent + try to use default intel/amd sensors first
  • google_calendar module: fix imports for newer google-python-client-api versions (#1948)

Next version of py3status will certainly drop support for EOL Python 3.5!