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mongoDB v2.4.7 & pymongo v2.6.3

First of all, I'd like to point out a quite big change in the Gentoo mongodb package. The Chromium team responsible for the v8 package decided to stop its maintenance as it was too much trouble to be used efficiently as a shared library (mainly due to upstream's breakage behavior). Even tho I don't like bundled libraries on sources, I understand my fellow developers point of view.

I've thus been asked and did switch the mongodb ebuild to use the bundled v8 library. This means that mongodb has no more v8 packaging dependency now. The mongodb v2.2.x users are advised that since upstream does not bundle the v8 lib in their source, I dropped the v8 USE flag and support altogether on this version (it's not officially supported anyway) !

This being said, I'll drop the old ebuilds from tree on the next releases iterations.


Yet another bugfix release on this unfamous 2.4.x series :

  • Fixed over-aggressive caching of V8 Isolates
  • Removed extraneous initial count during mapReduce
  • Cache results of dbhash command
  • Fixed memory leak in aggregation


BSON parser hardening and fixes in the connection pool mechanism. More info here.