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mongoDB v2.4.8, rabbitMQ v3.2.1, rsyslog v7.4.6


You should consider this important update if you have a cluster running v2.4.7. It contains a fix for the config servers which can have them possibly disagree on chunks hashes and thus prevent mongos to start or balancing to happen. See this bug for more info.


The famous message queuing server got a nice bunch of bug fixes on a lot of its modules along with some interesting additions such as :

  • support for federated queues
  • report client authentication errors during connection establishment explicitly using connection.close
  • inform clients when memory or disk alarms are set or cleared
  • allow policies to target queues or exchanges or both
  • offer greater control over threshold at which messages are paged to disk
  • allow missing exchanges & queues to be deleted and unbound without generating an AMQP error
  • implement consumer priorities

Full changelog here and here.


This is a bug fix release, nothing too big about it as reported by Thomas D (thanks again).

Please note that rsyslog-7.4.4 is being stabilized, mainly for security purposes.