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uWSGI : v1.4.6 released

This is quite a big release for its backports and improvements. But there are two more interesting things to note here : uWSGI supports Heroku and Dreamhost deployments !



  • fix SERVER_PORT value in corerouters when using shared sockets
  • backported --thunder-lock option to reduce thundering herd problem (use with caution)
  • fixed pthread robust mutexes in newer glibc
  • backported improvements for the alarm_xmpp plugin
  • fixed suspend when harakiri is in place
  • reset sigmask on startup
  • fixed master+emperor configurations
  • backported more logvars (check here:
  • fixed muleloop in uwsgidecorators
  • fixed a refcnt bug in the psgi plugin spotted by Nick Gregory (issue #158)
  • backported new python build system (Heroku friendly)
  • backported --perl-arg and --perl-args options (to add items in @ARGV)
  • backported perl async fixes
  • allows --attach-daemon without workers