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Clustering : corosync v2.1.0 & pacemaker v1.1.8

I recently bumped quite a bunch of the clustering suite packages such as :

  • sys-cluster/cluster-glue-1.0.11
  • sys-cluster/libqb-0.14.3
  • sys-cluster/corosync-1.4.4
  • sys-cluster/corosync-2.1.0
  • sys-cluster/crmsh-1.2.1 (new package)


You should be aware that the corosync-2.x packages are still hard masked because the 2.0.x ones didn't compile properly and we didn't have a suitable pacemaker version for it to work with.

There is another thing for us to consider and handle in the ebuilds when we'll be willing to release corosync-2 : it is not backward compatible ! So yes, you will either have to start with a fresh cluster or break your existing ones to migrate to corosync-2. The reason is that upstream decided to drop the plugins support from their software. So a non-plugin cluster cannot work with a plugin-enabled one.


As for pacemaker-1.1.8, the bump request took quite some time. The reason is that it was released without backward compatibility support as well so you couldn't join your existing pacemaker-1.1.x cluster even when using corosync-1.x ! I found it unacceptable because this meant I would have to force for corosync-2 usage starting from pacemaker-1.1.8 for no real reason. Pacemaker upstream, namely Andrew Beekhof, is very responsive and kind so he offered a solution which I'm happy to provide to Gentoo users.


The crm command is not included in the pacemaker sources anymore. It is now an independent project lead by Dejan Muhamedagic to allow more versatility in its development and a better iteration of releases. I packaged and released it along with pacemaker-1.1.8 as well.


I'm still slacking on the sys-cluster/resource-agents package unfortunately. I already discussed with upstream about it as it's not a straightforward bump because they merged two different resource-agents developments. I think to have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done and will do my best to fix this gap as soon as I can.