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Follow-up on pacemaker v1.1.9 and updated pacemaker-gui

In my previous post I talked about a permission problem introduced in pacemaker-1.1.9 which requires root to be a member of the haclient group. I've been helping @beekhof to investigate on this and I'm glad he found and fixed both the problem and a memory leak ! We're still investigating on another issue but we should be seeing a new version bump pretty soon, thank you Andrew !

pacemaker-gui v2.1.2

One of my colleagues recently complained that pacemaker-gui-2.1.1 was not compatible with newer pacemaker releases (>=1.1.8) so he had to install pacemaker-1.1.7 if he wanted to benefit from the GUI. I contacted @gao-yan from SUSE who's the main upstream for this package and asked him for a tag bump. Here comes pacemaker-gui-2.1.2 which is compatible with all newer pacemaker releases ! Thanks again mate.