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Coming soon on mongoDB

Some interesting stuff is cooking on the 2.3.x development branch of mongoDB, let's take a look at what we can expect to see in the future 2.4.x releases.

Switch to v8 Javascript engine

It's finally real since 2.3.1 as the folks at 10gen switched to v8 as the default JS engine powering mongoDB. This is a huge and a long time craved move which will primary improve performance and allow concurrent queries to be executed (aka collection level locking).

This one is around since 2.3.2 and will be available as a new type of index you'll have to create using the textSearchEnabled=true parameter. It's still a new feature under development so don't expect something able to compete with solr of course but still, it's a very nice feature ! You'll find more information about this on A. Jesse Jiryu Davis' blog.

Other highlights

  • Aggregation framework performance improvements
  • New circular geospatial index type. Support for line, polygon, and point intersection queries as well as GeoJSON parsing.
  • Better server stats framework
  • Storage engine improvements to reduce fragmentation
  • New operators : $push to sorted and fixed size arrays, $setOnInsert modifier for upserts, $geoNear and $within operators in aggregation framework
  • _secondaryThrottle is now on by default : this adds a write concern support for chunk migration reducing the replication lag caused by chunk moves
  • --objcheck is now on by default : the server validates the requests' objects before inserting the data. This used to have a slight performance impact but should be countered by v8 fairly well