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Postfix 2.10.0

Earlier this week, Wietse Venema announced the latest stable release of postfix, the famous Mail Transfer Agent. As I'm a long time user of this MTA, I thought I'd give it an echo on my blog with the usual highlights for you lazy readers.


  • Separation of relay policy (with smtpd_relay_restrictions) from spam policy (with smtpd_{client, helo, sender, recipient}_restrictions), which makes accidental open relay configuration less likely. The default is backwards compatible.
  • HAproxy load-balancer support for postscreen(8) and smtpd(8). The nginx proxy was already supported by Postfix 2.9 smtpd(8), using XCLIENT commands.
  • Support for the TLSv1 and TLSv2 protocols, as well as support to turn them off if needed for interoperability.
  • Laptop-friendly configuration. By default, Postfix now uses UNIX-domain sockets instead of FIFOs, and thus avoids MTIME file system updates on an idle mail system.
  • Revised postconf(1) command. The "-x" option expands $name in a parameter value (both and; the "-o name=value" option overrides a parameter setting; and postconf(1) now warns about a $name that has no name=value setting.