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mongoDB : v2.4.0 released

A few months ago, I pointed out what was coming with this release and did an update of this cooking 2.4.0 later. Yesterday, 10gen announced the release of the new stable branch of mongoDB v2.4.0. Instead of talking about it again, I'll focus on what this release brings to Gentoo users as I'm glad to announce that it's already available in portage.

SSL support

First of all, I think it was a good time to close bug #421289 and finally enable the SSL support via the ssl USE flag. I'll support it as much as upstream does, so don't expect some big magic about it.

Shared client library

Since this has always been a mess, I also added the sharedclient USE flag so that users who really need the client shared library can toggle its installation easily. This also permits me to isolate possible problems from the main ebuild.

Upgrading to 2.4

This is seamless unless you're running a sharded cluster ! In this case, take great care of what you do and note that the upgrade is only possible if your cluster is running v2.2 ! Please read with care the upgrade plan.