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MooseFS : v1.6.26 released

This was one of my first package creation in portage and although it doesn't have a quick iteration I still find this software very interesting. I was glad to see upstream release a new stable version but I have to admit I slacked quite a lot on actually seeing this bump (2012-08-16) :) Anyway, it's now live for some time in portage and I hope some folks were happy to update their platform with it.


  • (all) fixed signal handling in multithreaded modules
  • (master) added goal and trashtime limits to mfsexport.cfg
  • (metalogger) added simple check for downloaded metadata file (inspired by Davies Liu)
  • (master) better handle disk full (inspired by Davies Liu)
  • (master+metalogger) added keeping previous copies of metadata (inspired by Davies Liu)
  • (all) reload all settings on "reload" (SIGHUP)
  • (cs) disk scanning in background
  • (cs) fixed long termination issue (found by Davies Liu)