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Clustering : corosync v2.3.0 & resource-agents-3.9.4

Some new stuff related to clustering are now available on portage ! Here are the highlights.


  • better pacemaker-1.1.8 compatibility
  • fine tuning history and regression fixes


Oh yes I've been slacking on that one but it's finally here ! As a reminder this huge bump (1.0.4 -> 3.9.4) is the result of the upstream merge from the pacemaker and rgmanager resource agents developments. This is reflected by a new rgmanager USE flag for those who want to install those resources.

  • zabbixserver : new resource agent
  • IPaddr2: partial rewrite and support for IPv6
  • iscsi: support for auto recovery and performance improvements
  • tools: replace the findif binary by

See the full changelog.

corosync-1.4.5 and corosync-2.3.0

The next releases of the flatiron and needle branches of corosync are rich of bug fixes, man updated and performance improvements. I wasn't able to find the proper changelog pages but you can have a look here where a bunch of the fixes are listed.