uWSGI : network spooling of messages between applications

One of the great new uWSGI v1.1 features is network spooling of messages between applications. This short article demonstrates how to use it between a front end django app and a back end python app.

I advise you to use a uWSGI emperor and simply drop the provided ini files in its folder. The example is simple enough but here is an explanation of how it works.

  1. The sender is a django app which you call via your browser, the front end.
  2. The sender app uses the mashal module which permits to pass a type rich message (dictionary) through a string only spooling mechanism (yes, it's very handy).
  3. The sender sends a type 17 message (spool request message) over the network providing the message.
  4. The receiver app is a standalone spooling application written in standard python, this would be the back end.
  5. The receiver just prints out what it received via the network spooling mechanism.

As I said, this is just an illustration of what can be done. You could look into uwsgidecorators and mix this with other stuff that suits your needs. Enjoy !