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uWSGI : v1.4.8 released & v2.0 sneak peek

Yet another bump for uWSGI as upstream is working hard on the 1.9 branch which will lead to the 2.0 LTS version. I guess it's time I take a few moments to give you some hints about what's coming for the v2.0 of uWSGI, be aware that this is some heavy stuff.

future v2.0 highlights

  • new fully non-blocking API which applies to all plugins, this will benefit the perl/PSGI plugin as well
  • faster uwsgi/HTTP/FastCGI/SCGI native sockets thanks to better parsers
  • split error logging from request logging for enhanced debugging
  • more offloading improvements such as a new function to write files on disk and non-blocking workers for static files service
  • better static files handling thanks to the new caching system
  • totally rewritten web cache system allows you to have multiple caches per instance and tune them finely
  • replaced the old clustering system with a new Legion subsystem providing resources management (yeah you wouldn't need stuff like pacemaker to handle your uWSGI cluster)
  • advanced exception subsystem
  • SPDY v3 support
  • SNI support
  • support for HTTP router keepalive, auto-chunking, auto-gzip and transparent websockets
  • a SSL router will be available
  • websockets API sponsored by 20Tab S.r.l. (a company working on HTML5 browsers game, thanks guys)
  • programmable internal router
  • and of course, the Mono/ASP.NET plugin I talked about in my previous post

See the full and detailed list here

v1.4.8 highlights

  • added support for ruby 2.0
  • removed the mono/ plugin (a new, working one, is in 1.9)
  • backported the improved carbon plugin
  • fixed a corner-case bug with the caching subsystem (Laurent Luce)
  • fixed ipcsem on Linux
  • backported --not-log-alarm (negative version of --log-alarm)
  • backported add_timer and add_rb_timer api functions for the perl/psgi plugin
  • backported --for-glob, this is like --for but with glob expansion (Guido Berhoerster)
  • avoid gateways crash on master shutdown
  • backported https re-handshake management
  • improved gevent timeout management
  • uWSGI can now be installed as a ruby gem
  • backported --http-socket-modifier1/2